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Future-proof Bathrooms

Posted by: Crawford Anderson Posted Date: 01/08/2016
Larger, less cluttered spaces, such as wet rooms or walk-in showers are the solution and the number of these installations have increased recently and look set to be a larger part of the plumbing and heating market. The wet room/ walk-in shower design is easier to clean and look after for one. They are more easily accessed by users with the use of seats and rails which prevent the danger of slips and falls. Showers also reduced water use which lowers energy costs.
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Smart technology in your home

Posted by: Crawford Anderson Posted Date: 25/07/2016
Cash is king and smart technology can allow you remotely access your heating meaning you can manage your heating more efficiently which will save you money on your heating costs. There are the upfront costs but the long term savings are tangible.
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London Boiler Cashback Scheme

Posted by: Crawford Anderson Posted Date: 20/07/2016
You can get £400 cashback when replacing an old boiler if you satisfy the following criteria: Do you want to make big savings on energy bills? Do you have an old, inefficient boiler and want to convert it to a new, high efficiency boiler? Are you a London home owner or an accredited private landlord?
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Spring Plumbing Humour

Posted by: William Anderson Posted Date: 18/03/2016
Appreciate your Plumbers   Here at C Anderson and Sons we like to express our gratitude to our hard working engineers and with International Plumbers Day today and with Hug a Plumber Day coming up (on April 25th) we have the perfect opportunity to do so! Working tirelessly, plumbers around the world are fixing the problems that nobody else can, keeping your homes happy and your bathrooms brilliant. So let’s give a little shout-out to our unsung hero of the u-bend, the plumber, and show them some love next month with a big hug (though we suggest you do so before they get into any sticky situations!).     Q. How many plumbers does it take to change a lightbulb? A. Three. The boss to tell the plumber, the plumber to tell the apprentice, and the apprentice to call an electrician.   Q. Why did the plumber lose his voice? A. Because he spent all day gassing   Anderson and Sons   “The only place in Fulham to take a leak”  
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Increased opening hours

Posted by: Crawford Anderson Posted Date: 09/10/2014
Opening hours extended to 8.30pm to meet customers requirements
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Plumbing Slogans

Posted by: William Anderson Posted Date: 22/08/2014
We have found that you need to retain a good sense of humour in our trade, since we often find ourselves in sticky situations. The ability to do a great job and see the humour in things helps us get through the day and makes for a great plumber. Plumbers work hard and are great sports when it comes to the humorous aspects of plumbing. We have found that our clients also like to see the funny side of things. So we thought we would find some plumbing slogans that encompass the funnier aspects
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Saving water at the flick of a switch !!

Posted by: Crawford Anderson Posted Date: 22/07/2014
Imagine the situation or re-live the horror for those that have gone through it already – you have a leak in your property & you can’t do anything about it until the plumber arrives!! Does this problem sound familiar-?? Has it happened to you-??
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Reduce the risks of plumbing emergencies

Posted by: Happy G Posted Date: 06/11/2013

Reducing the risks of plumbing emergencies before the onset of winter is something we should be thinking about now. Here are some steps to take now to reduce the risk of being caught out.

  1. Find out where the stop cock valve is located and check that it is working occasionally
  2. Check the drain valves from time to time
  3. Check any other service valves and understand what they do
  4. Check the condition of any flexible hosepipes plumbed into any home appliances, make sure they are not perished
  5. insulate any exposed pipes in storage rooms or in the loft
  6. Inspect your cold water storage tank regularly
  7. Have your central heating boilers and other appliances services now and once a year at least
  8. Check for any dripping taps or continuously running overflow pipes
  9. Turn off any outside taps or insulate them so that they do not freeze
  10. Make a note of a professional, qualified and licensed plumber and keep their information handy

If you follow these tips you should reduce the risk of being caught  out by winter coming on.


Make sure the plumber you use is registered and licensed and choose the right professional for the job. Call us now on 0207 386 8888 to arrange for a preventative check on your premises


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Haloween Jokes

Posted by: Happy G Posted Date: 30/10/2013

With Haloween coming up we thought we would celebrate with a few jokes -


Which ghost is the best dancer?
I don’t know.

The Boogie Man!


What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost?
I do not know what?



Why did the skeleton not cross the road?

Because he did not have the Guts!!



What do ghosts serve for desert?

Ice scream!!



Why do ghosts not like parties?

They have no body to dance with



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Spare a Thought for Your Boiler!

Posted by: William Anderson Posted Date: 29/05/2013
Poor old boilers are often forgotten during the summer and we feel sorry for them. In fact (and this might sound a little strange), we would like to give your boiler some love.
Of course we're sorry to remind you about winter, that's not our intention at all, but when it does come you'll be glad you thought of this now. There is no better time.
Boiler maintenance is crucial. What better time?It's always a good idea to service your boiler during the warmer months. If you're not using it then this can lead to issues when you do come to turn it on later in the year. Let's face it, it's going to be much more pleasant to sort any issues out while it's warm than it might be if something goes wrong during the winter. In addition to this, we are busier during the winter and when our services are in such demand it's often tricky to fit people in and industry prices can often rise during these months.
So apart from the doom and gloom of "What if it breaks?" there are other reasons. Servicing your boiler properly can lead to lower bills due to increasing the efficiency of the system. Deposits can build up and removing these can make a big difference. It's always nice to save a little money on your bills.
Anyway, we'll stop trying to convince you now and just say that if you do want our help we are here for you 24 hours a day. Get in touch with us on 020 7386 8888 or you can fill in this form here.
Top tip: If you don't use your boiler in the summer the motorised valves in the system can sometimes seize when you need them. Also the seals can harden during neglect which will cause leaks. If you switch your heating on once a month during the summer (just for 5 minutes) then this can keep the valves moving freely, give the pump a workout and will help to prevent issues.
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