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Crawford Anderson on Shipwrecked      Crawford Anderson (junior) left the family plumbing business in Fulham to take part in the Channel 4's Shipwrecked. The show, screened on Sunday mornings on E4, follows two teams, the 'Tigers' and the 'Sharks', for the five months they lived on two desert islands.
Crawford quickly became a focal character on the show with his easy, positive manner and sense of fun made him an instant hit.

What gave you the impetus to do shipwrecked?

Travelling is one of my passions and when I saw the ad it just sounded brilliant; the idea of living on a desert island and the whole sense of adventure. When I learnt more about it and found out about the community building and the competition, it just sounded fantastic. I had seen the last Shipwrecked five years ago when I was at school and I loved it. But it was quite different even though then there was only one island.

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