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Tajikistan Trip 2012

The lucky plumbers!In the Olympic summer of 2012, C. Anderson and Sons LLP plumbing and heating company sent five employees to Central Asia. Tajikistan was the final destination and it is Central Asia’s poorest country, where just half the population have access to clean drinking water. Tajikistan is a land locked country that shares a long border with Afghanistan. They are a poor country that was under Soviet control for over seventy years. They do struggle with many water bourne diseases that can prove fatal.


Some of the localsTo help make a difference Crawford Anderson led a group of our plumbers to Khujand (their second biggest city) to help construct water filters that would be installed in schools. The plucky plumbers participating in the expedition were Jonathon Shaub, Tim Moncur, Tariq Nabil and Judd Pearson. The whole trip lasted just under two weeks and during that time over 20 water filters were made by us and we fitted many in schools while we were out there too. 

Pouring the concrete

The whole project was worked alongside Habitat for Humanity, who are a great charity that normally specialise in constructing homes but in this instance gave us the opportunity to work alongside them in constructing water filters.Paul Butler is Habitat for Humanity, programme manager and was very efficient in preparing us for the trip and making it all happen. Barry was sent from Habitat to help us and it was a pleasure working alongside him. Barry managed to put up with all of the plumbers for the duration of the trip and deserves a lot of credit for it!


Clean drinking waterThe water filters themselves are very simple but effective. Constructing them involved assembling the cast forms, fitting some plastic pipes and pouring cement (mixed by hand!) to form the water filter itself. The work was quite physical and the conditions were very hot. The main issue was that all of us suffered from upset stomachs that made working on a building site tricky at times. However our work rate was high and we could not have been any more productive with our time in Khujand. We left feeling proud of our contribution and what we achieved.


The money raised for this project was very beneficial and put to good use but we realised that there is still loads more that really needs to be done to help the people of Tajikistan. When it comes to such a basic need as clean drinking water it will not be fixed overnight but C. Andersons & Sons LLP have helped make a difference, with our time, money raised for this project and skills put to good use in Tajikistan.



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