Our easy to follow four step guide to bleeding the radiators on your central heating system.



Step One: Open Your Valves


First off, make sure you’ve opened any thermostatic radiator valves (the ones at the bottom of the radiators)


Step Two: Heat it up


Switch on the heating for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed, switch it off again.


Step Three: Let out the Air


For this, you’ll need to have a rag or cloth handy to wipe up any water. Find the release valve on the radiator (usually in the top corner) and using a radiator key, slowly turn it anti-clockwise. If any air is trapped in the radiator, it will hiss its way out of the valve. As soon as any water starts to drip out, close the valve again and wipe the radiator clean and dry.


Step Four: Repeat on Your Other Radiators


Work your way around all of the radiators, repeating the process for each one. Once you’re all done, turn the heating on and check there are no dripping valves.



Important: If your radiators are cooler in one area of your house, it’s likely your radiators aren't properly balanced. This basically means that the closest radiators to the boiler are taking more than their share of the hot water from the system. If this is the case, you should call a plumber. In fact we think you should call us!