Due to changes in living styles, do you need to consider future-proofing your bathroom?

Times are changing and that means your approach to redecorating your home must too.


Let’s look at the factors which are contributing to the change in thoughts about renovations in bathrooms.

  1. The population has a greater proportion of over 65s and the number is set to triple by 2050.
  2. The boomerang generations (young adults returning home after university or to save money) has increased.
  3. These three factors mean that bathrooms need to be designed for greater use while still being suitable for the elderly and appealing to the young.

Larger, less cluttered spaces, such as wet rooms or walk-in showers are the solution and the number of these installations have increased recently and look set to be a larger part of the plumbing and heating market.

The wet room/ walk-in shower design is easier to clean and look after for one. They are more easily accessed by users with the use of seats and rails which prevent the danger of slips and falls. Showers also reduced water use which lowers energy costs.

So when designing or installing your shower think about future-proofing your bathroom. Here at C. Anderson and Sons we will specify the right products and help design the best layout to suit your needs to ensure you can use your bathroom for a lifetime.


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