Reducing the risks of plumbing emergencies before the onset of winter is something we should be thinking about now. Here are some steps to take now to reduce the risk of being caught out.

  1. Find out where the stop cock valve is located and check that it is working occasionally
  2. Check the drain valves from time to time
  3. Check any other service valves and understand what they do
  4. Check the condition of any flexible hosepipes plumbed into any home appliances, make sure they are not perished
  5. insulate any exposed pipes in storage rooms or in the loft
  6. Inspect your cold water storage tank regularly
  7. Have your central heating boilers and other appliances services now and once a year at least
  8. Check for any dripping taps or continuously running overflow pipes
  9. Turn off any outside taps or insulate them so that they do not freeze
  10. Make a note of a professional, qualified and licensed plumber and keep their information handy

If you follow these tips you should reduce the risk of being caught  out by winter coming on.


Make sure the plumber you use is registered and licensed and choose the right professional for the job. Call us now on 0207 386 8888 to arrange for a preventative check on your premises