SureStopImagine the situation or re-live the horror for those that have gone through it already – you have a leak in your property & you can’t do anything about it until the plumber arrives!! Does this problem sound familiar-?? Has it happened to you-?? Your stopcock is no were to be found or it is broken or too stiff to turn off through years of seizing up, you have no tools at hand and you are at the mercy of the free flowing water pouring through the burst or damaged pipe that is ruining your beautiful home all because you can’t turn off the water as the stopcock is seized!!
Now imagine the same situation but this time you had decided to replace all your stop cocks with a sure stopcock – no frantic searching, heavy handed twisting or turning necessary, no tools needed – leaking water stopped by the simple flick of a switch! Problem solved giving you time to make a cup of tea while you wait for the professional plumber to do the rest! Sounds good – well that’s because sure stopcocks are as simple and easy to use as that!
As a platinum installer of sure stop stopcocks we would like to take this opportunity within our blog to highlight the benefits having these installed in your property compared to the traditional stopcock:
-Sure stopcocks are unaffected by limescale
-Powered by water pressure – no batteries or electricity required.
-Ensures piece of mind as you can switch water off while you are away on holiday not only in an emergency saving the environment!
-Could save you money on your home insurance as some insurers charge excess of approximately £250 or more for water damage – most insurers offer no excess if you have one of these fitted!!