Appreciate your Plumbers


Here at C Anderson and Sons we like to express our gratitude to our hard working engineers and with International Plumbers Day today and with Hug a Plumber Day coming up (on April 25th) we have the perfect opportunity to do so!

Working tirelessly, plumbers around the world are fixing the problems that nobody else can, keeping your homes happy and your bathrooms brilliant. So let’s give a little shout-out to our unsung hero of the u-bend, the plumber, and show them some love next month with a big hug (though we suggest you do so before they get into any sticky situations!).



Q. How many plumbers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. Three. The boss to tell the plumber, the plumber to tell the apprentice, and the apprentice to call an electrician.


Q. Why did the plumber lose his voice?

A. Because he spent all day gassing


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