Water leaksIf you find a leak or think you have a plumbing problem, what is the best approach to take to minimise any damage until you can get the plumber out there as soon as possible?


Sometimes, with the right advice you can fix the problem at least temporarily. If you cannot stop the leak when you find it, by turning off the water flow you will reduce any damage done until professional help arrives.

Try to make sure that everyone in the house knows exactly where your main water shut off valve is and how to turn it off in case of emergency. All plumbing problems will get worse and cause more damage if no one knows how to shut off the flow of water. You should be able to stop the flow of water and prevent more damage.

The main water cut off valve may be near your water meter if you have one, or under a sink where the mains water enters your property. Toilets, sinks and other fixtures should also have individual cut-off valves. Find them as well so that you can isolate any leaks that you may find. Make sure your entire family knows where each shut-off valve is, and provide instructions nearby on which direction to turn the valve in to shut the water off in case of emergency.

If you find a leak of any sort, by isolating the problem until professional help arrives, you will limit the damage to your property. If you cannot find these valves, ask your plumber to tell you where they are and what to do in future the next time he is with you.


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