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Compost : Page 1

Posted by: Happy G Posted Date: 24/10/2011

Page One 

Happy G has been busy working as usual, in my little spot within the deepest surburbia of Putney.
As you can see by the photographs my compost is coming on very well.
HG has certain golden rules regarding his compost:
I don't put anything larger than the smallest of twigs in it, the rest is made up of the usual stuff: Cut grass, leaves, weeds, all kitchen waste including tea bags, orange peels, all leftover vegetables etc etc. The remains of any smoothies from the juicer are particularly good. Any rotten fruit from the trees goes in as well. Yoshi, my new puppy friend, all his poo gets tossed in to the compost too.
Having two separate sections for the compost comes in handy, with a wooden fence between them, because I can fill one up completely, which usually takes about two and a half months, then I turn it over with a pitchfork and put in the other section, so the top of the compost is now at the bottom and vice versa.
When I have about two feet of new compost waste I usually help breaking it up with my sheers and then lay three to four inches of soil ontop, and then start again. So the compost is sandwiched in with soil every two feet.
I've got an old pair of graphite golf shafts, which I use to drill holes into the compost, so that plenty of air can get in. I get better use of them that way than I ever did out of my golf. I've got a builders bucket which I keep in the outside toilet, which I pour all the leftover teas, coca-colas and any other left over drinks into. Her-indoor's who used to tell me that she drank her wine the way the French do, which I believe means she leaves some at the bottom of the glass. This used to go into the bucket as well but she's not acting very French anymore because I only get empty glasses now. I also pee in the bucket and when the bucket is full I pour it into the holes in the compost.
Within approximately six months the compost is completely broken up and a very dark texture which is then ready for distributing in the garden.
Until we meet again,
-Happy G                                 
  8th Sept 2011

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