Happy G is back, after a very wet summer and few opportunities of working in the garden, it is good to be in the thick of it again.
I read somewhere that gardening is like “Talked up house work, done outside”. There may be some truth to this as I seem to be spending a lot of time raking, weeding, brushing and general tidying up.I asked the other half if she would me lend me a hand; surprisingly she said yes but only if I bought a proper yard brush. I have always used a normal sweeping brush, but I have to say the yard brush is much better for the patio and garden path.
I have a rubber plant which has been growing indoors for the best part of thirty five years. It now stands at 7 feet high,far too tall to remain in the house. I have replanted it in the garden, in one of the sunnier parts beside the small hill for shelter (see photo).
Not sure how it survived for so long or whether it will last in the garden. Thinking of wrapping something around it to keep it insulated for the winter. If anyone has any ideas regarding how to tend it, or how it survived so long, please let me know.
I’ve also started to weed out more around my exiting plants, allowing more exposed soil between each of them. Maybe a little traditional but the overall effect helps show off the difference between the plants and keeps pests down.One of my favourite plants is the Osteospermum (Sunny Martha). A lovely plant that comes in many colours flowers from June until the end of October, and if you cut it to ground level and cover in compost before the frost comes there is a good chance it will grow again the following spring.
Another favourite is the Dahlia, another hardy plant and more of an evergreen. Then there are difference types of Dahlia, for pots and borders, or the larger ones which grow to about three feet. They will flower from late spring to the end of summer and come back every year.
Over the years I have bought my plants from various places, especially when we go on holiday. Cornwall is good but in London I usually buy from Squires or Homebase. I like Homebase, especially the branch in Wandsworth as it has a discount section where you can find cheap plants. Some are discounted because they are in a poor condition, but these can put right with a little TLC. I was there last week and bought some Osteospermum, reduced from £4.99 to 0.50p and Dahlia, reduced from £7.99 to £2.00 among others Perennial plants which were reduced by as much as £5 or £6. Really good deals. Also if you find a plant you like [in the reduced section] which has not be mark down, ask one of staff and they will do it on the spot.
Until we meet again